Slot Machine Review: Viking Fire

If you’re a fan of the Vikings like we are, you’ll like a slot game with that theme. This Lightning Box product, of course, fulfills that need. If you’re up for a trip back in time, then Viking Fire might be the slot machine for you. Not only will you be able to play this game on a visually impressive interface, but one of your reliable Viking companions will also be there to lend a hand should you need it. He’s waiting on the reels’ left side. In the meantime, the village your people pillaged may be seen burning in the distance. Everything in this game is drawn in a cartoony style, and the soundtrack fits the mood perfectly. Also, don’t ignore the game’s unique elements. These will be addressed shortly.

Put on Your Protective Gear Right Now!

This slot machine game has a standard layout of five reels and four rows. This is a little bit bigger than the standard slot game interface, but it gives you a lot more chances to win. On these reels, you’ll find a wide range of symbols. The first group consists of the standard playing card symbols for the numbers 10, 9, 8, 7, and 6. In addition to these icons, you may also encounter other, more out-of-the-ordinary options. Included among these are a genie-like man, a Viking warrior woman, a dog covered in spots, and a warrior man. All of these have been styled in Lightning Box’s signature lighthearted and humorous manner.

There are 40 individual pay lines in addition to the reels, rows, and symbols. You’ll always be betting this amount because there’s no way to change this setting. In addition, you may alter the amount you wager on each individual round. This is accomplished by spending the coins shown in the lower left corner of the screen. These can be purchased for as little as £0.01 per and as much as £25. This is the highest possible bet you can make across all 40 lines in a single spin. A new ‘Autoplay’ button lets you spin the reels automatically for up to 100 times in a row while maintaining your current bet.

Set Out on Your Own Private Plundering Mission

The gameplay in and of itself is enjoyable, but the creator has also included some noteworthy extras. The wild symbol, depicted by a golden hammer, is one example. Therefore, it can replace any other emblem on the reels outside the scatter. If a win includes this symbol, the payout is doubled. The maximum payout is 1,500 coins, and it is awarded when five of them appear on a winning pay line.

It’s the ‘Bonus’ word symbol, which is the scatter icon. These pay out no matter what board they happen to land on. The bonus round can be accessed with a win of three or more scatter symbols. This gives you a plethora of ships to destroy. To find hidden wilds and free games, the player need only select targets. When two ‘X’s are revealed, the round is over.

There’s also a round when you can try your luck by betting. A successful combination will guarantee your entry. If you guess the proper color of the card, your payout will be doubled. Otherwise, it is multiplied by a factor of four if you guess the correct suit of playing cards. You can risk no more than five times your winnings.

The Last Word

When it comes to slots games based on Viking culture, Viking Fire is among the best of the best. The visuals are top notch, there are fun extra game modes, and even the main game is enjoyable. Given that it’s published by Lightning Box, this Viking-themed game may not be as well-known as some of the competition. Nonetheless, it deserves a lot of appreciation for the qualities we’ve detailed.

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